Pune: PD Patil, an educator who bridge the gap between culture & academics

Pune: Dr. P. D. Patil is the architect of Pune’s Dr D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) academic complex & has transformed the vision of Padmashree Dr D.Y.Patil. On his 71st birthday, many stalwarts, scientists, authors, philosophers and celebrities across the field expressed their thoughts about the academician’s special characteristics and values he protected in his personal and professional life.

Eminent scientist Dr Raghunath Mashelkar says, “Dr P D Patil has dedicated his efforts towards establishing a brighter future in the realm of education. He has done great work in many areas, such as education, literature, social service, spirituality, etc. He was a distinguished humanist. He has great power of listening. Excellence and relevance are the hallmarks of his educational establishments. The facilities at their schools are world-class.”

Similarly, Dr Mak Jawadekar, Senior Scientist from Pfizer Inc. in Groton-New London, US mentions that it’s great to see what Sir has done in the past 40 years. “He set up a great hospital in Pimpri, which is considered one of the best hospitals in India. A few days back, I arranged a meeting with renowned American surgeon Robert T. Naismith at the D Y Patil Hospital. He told Joe Biden about the hospital. Biden suggested that he work with a non-profit in India. This is P D Patil’s greatest accomplishment,” he mentions.

“Being blessed with a friend like P D Patil is a blessing. In India, PD Patil’s name must also be mentioned as one of the notable educators who championed access to high-quality instruction. He’s set the standard for excellence in the realm of higher education,” this is the feeling of Dr Vedprakash Mishra, Chief Advisor to Chancellor & KIMSDU, Karad.

Eminent poet and lyric Dr Jawed Akthar who was the chief guest of the 89th All India Marathi literary festival organised by Dr Patil and his team gave special compliments to the organiser Dr Patil saying that this was a ‘never-foreseen’ experience.

International author Chetan Bhagat also expressed his feelings. “After witnessing the Pimpri’s 89th Marathi Literary Festival, my first reaction was that many people still exist in the world who give more importance to writers and literature, when the world is occupied by video games, movies and senseless television daily soaps.”

The Dnyanpeeth awardee Marathi author Bhalchandra Nemade also referred to the people-oriented grand organisation of the 89th Literary Festival held in Pimpri. Nemade while praising the various events held in the festival, specially mentioned the social cause that Dr P D Patil showed during the festival. Nemade revealed the little-known thing to the world that the organisers had managed to donate Rs one crore amount to the kids of suicide-affected children and families which was collected as rent from bookfare shops situated within the festive premises.

Professor of philosophy and author Dr Sadanand More emphasised on special role being played by Dr Patil in the 21st century where human beings are facing more complicated cultural and professional issues. Dr More referred him among the few who stand against Cultural degradation and make constant efforts to fight against all the evils through academic contributions.

Dr. Dr. Smita Jadhav, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Secretary. D. Y. Patil University Society, Dr Smita is working diligently as the Pro-Chancellor of one of the prestigious universities in India. The visionary Dr. Smita brings a fresh approach to educational leadership, inclusiveness and innovation. Her dynamic approach and unwavering dedication inspire students and faculty alike, while her strategic prowess propels the university to excellence.

Dr. Smita Tai and her father Dr. P.D. Patil has the same date of birth. In Marathi, it is called ‘Dugdhhasharkara Yog’ means Milk and Sugar Yog. God has arranged this extraordinary coincidence.

Dr. P.D. Patil, Chancellor is an education leader known for his charisma and forward thinking. Dr. Smita is involved in the university work together with her father efficiently. She leads academic reforms and shapes the future of DPU’s academic landscape with passion and determination.

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