Pune: Nigdi Police Detained Quadruple Accused Over Life-Threatening Attack on Contractor

Pune: The Nigdi police apprehended and incarcerated four people in an alleged threatening and harrowing attack on the contractor. The accused assaulted the victim with an iron cutter and sticks and heavily injured the victim. This incident took place on Sunday, February 18, around 8.45 a.m. at Ota Scheme in Nigdi.

In this regard, the victim, Nafis Salim Shaikh, age 42, filed a complaint at Nigdi Police Station. Accordingly, Nigdi police booked Arbaz Sheikh, Munna alias Faiyaz Sheikh, Kalwa alias Sarfraz Sheikh, and Riyaz Sheikh under IPC 324, 504, 506, and 34 of the Maharashtra Police Act and took all of them into custody.

As per the police complaint, the plaintiff is a contractor in the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation. On Sunday morning, when the complainant was in his house, the accused came in front of his house and started abusing him loudly. Noticing the chaos outside, when the plaintiff came outside and confronted the accused about it, the accused started abusing him in derogatory language.

The accused were abusing the plaintiff over the complaint filed by the plaintiff against them at Nigdi police station a few days ago. In the subsequent altercation following the abuse, the accused attacked the plaintiff with stones, iron cutters, sticks, and hands and seriously injured him. In this attack, the plaintiff received many injuries.

Following the incident, Shaikh complained to the Nigdi police about the incident, after which the Nigdi police apprehended four accused and arrested them. Nigdi police are delving further into the incident.

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