Pune: MLA Rohit Pawar Alleges Rs 6500 Crore Corruption in State Health Department; Calls for Health Minister’s Resignation

Pune: MLA Rohit Pawar, the leader of the Nationalist Congress Party-SP and an MLA from Karjat Jamkhed, levelled serious allegations of corruption against the state Health Department and Health Minister Tanaji Sawant. Rohit Pawar accused the Health Department of irregularity in awarding a tender to a company lacking experience in the field. He alleged that the state health department, under Tanaji Sawant’s leadership, procured an ambulance for a public hospital for 65 lakh rupees, significantly higher than its market value of Rs. 25 lakh.

Demanding immediate resignation from Health Minister Tanaji Sawant, Rohit Pawar asserted, “The state is witnessing widespread corruption, with the health minister at the forefront of it.” Pawar claimed that such procurement irregularities extend to ambulances across the state, estimating the total scam to be worth Rs 6,500 crore.

Taking a swipe at Sawant’s competence, Pawar remarked, “Tanaji Sawant may have erred in identifying the Haffkine institute, but not in committing corruption.” He questioned the rationale behind issuing the tender twice and challenged the government’s decision to award it to an inexperienced company. Pawar also alleged that the dissenting voice of a competing company was also silenced by the ministry by giving it a minor share in the tender.

Pawar emphasised the collective nature of the battle, declaring, “This is not just my fight; it belongs to all of us.” He pledged to provide all necessary documentation to anyone who would file a case against the government in court on this topic.

He said that a large number of children are dying here, and our health minister is busy pilfering money. He also questioned how the Chief Ministers and Deputy Chief Ministers could give permission to it.

Challenging the Chief Minister and Health Minister, Rohit Pawar dared them to come ahead and have an open discussion with him on this topic. Pawar also suggested the involvement of influential political figures’ offspring in the scandal.

While speaking, he also expressed his belief that seat sharing on Madha and Satara seats will be finalised soon. He said the BJP is adopting all the methods and tools of the British, such as ‘Divide and Rule’. He said that whatever development, technology, and IT parks have come to Pune, it is because of Sharad Pawar.

Furthermore, he also said that Prakash Ambedkar will not take any such step, which will help the BJP get an advantage in the election, and he requested Ambedkar to rethink his decision to part ways with Mahavikas Aaghadi.

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