Pune: Leopard Cub Found in Sugarcane Field of Nere Dattawadi Village Sparks Fear Among Local Farmers

Pune: In a startling incident just a few kilometres from the IT Park of Hinjewadi, in the farm fields of Nere Dattawadi village, a leopard cub was discovered in distress amidst the sugarcane crops. Farmer Shantaram Jadhav stumbled upon the cub while tending to his fields early this morning, prompting immediate action from the forest department for its safe rescue.

While the cub was successfully rescued, the incident has sent shockwaves through the local community, heightening fears of leopard sightings in the area. In recent times, there have been multiple reports of leopards venturing into the area surrounding Nere Dattawadi village, captured by CCTV cameras as they hunt for stray dogs and other livestock.

The prevalence of sugarcane cultivation in the region has made the area attractive for leopard cubs, who often seek refuge amidst the tall crops. However, this convergence of wildlife and agricultural activity has left farmers apprehensive about carrying out their livelihoods, fearing potential encounters with these elusive predators.

Amidst mounting concerns, farmers are questioning the efficacy of the forest department’s efforts and demanding concrete solutions to mitigate the risks posed by the presence of leopards. Rahul Jadhav, Laxman Jadhav, Swapnil Gaikwad, Balasaheb Jadhav, Datta Jadhav, and Tejas Jadhav have called for the installation of cages in the area and the implementation of permanent measures to deter leopards from encroaching further into human habitation.

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