Pune: Doctors in Sassoon Hospital join hands with private medical stores and loot patients (Video)

Pune: Doctors in the Sassoon Hospitals and private medical stores are exploiting poor patients. A video clip of a doctor from the Neurosurgery Department has gone viral, who is asking a patient’s relative to buy medicine and surgical material from a private medical store and demands Rs 24,500 though the surgery was done for free under the government scheme.


Moreover, the doctor frightened the relative by saying that the patient would die and if they did not listen to him, they would be framed in a police case.

A widow from Sayyad Nagar of Kondhwa admitted her 17-year-old son to the Sassoon Hospital for a brain surgery. While discharging the patient, Dr Kiran from the Neurosurgery Department asked her to buy a kit worth Rs 24,500 from Tejpal Medical store. He told her to deposit the money with the medical store.

The patient’s relatives contacted social worker Zuber Memon in Kondhwa. He exposed this practice through a sting operation. The doctor is seen demanding money from the patient’s relatives. This has exposed the racket which is exploiting poor patients.

Citizens expect the Sassoon Hospital Dean to take action after the sting operation.

Details of the video

Dr Kiran tells the patient’s relatives that a kit was needed during the surgery which he used and asks them to buy to replace it from the medical store in the Pune railway station area. He tells them to hand over Rs 24,500 to the medical store owner. The patient’s relatives tell him that they have only Rs 8,000 with them. However, the doctor frightens them by saying that a patient died earlier as their kin did not provide the kit. Then he threatens them that all the patient’s relatives would be booked in a medico-legal case.

Patients’ relatives at doctors’ mercy

This is not the first time that such malpractices are exposed in the Sassoon Hospital. Private medical stores in the vicinity, along with the doctors, are minting money. The malpractice has been going on for the past four years. The sting operation has exposed it.

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