Pune Crime | Two transgenders arrested for practising witchcraft at Vaikunth crematorium

Pune : NpNews24 Online  –  Pune Crime | In Pune’s Vaikunth crematorium, two transgenders were found practising witchcraft acts by sitting near a funeral pyre. They have been arrested by the police. The incident occurred at 2.30 am on Saturday. (Pune Crime)


The arrested have been identified as Lakshmi Nibaji Shinde and Manoj Ashok Dhumal.


A dead body was cremated in the Vaikunth crematorium around one o’clock in the night. Later, Shinde and Dhumal sat near the pyre. They had brought things such as black dolls, photographs of some people, lemons, needles and turmeric, etc, with them. An employee of the cemetery saw this. He got suspicious and called the police and complained about the incident. The police immediately came to the Vaikunth crematorium. They caught both of them red-handed. A case has been registered against both of them under Section 3 of the Human Sacrifice and Other Inhumane Treatment, Inhumane Practices and Black Magic Act, 2013 and both were arrested.


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