Pune Crime News | Andekar gang members assault youth with sickle

PUNE: Pune Crime News | Members of Andekar gang assaulted a youth with a sickle in Nana Peth. The injured youth has been identified as Arbaz Saifuddin Shaikh (28), a resident of Nana Peth. An FIR has been registered against Avez Ashfaq Sayyad (20), Aman Yusuf Pathan (22), Jaymesh Shinde (20), a resident of Nana Peth.


Arbaz Shaikh has lodged a complaint at the Samarth police station. Arbaz, his uncle, Kailas Badekar, Vijay Andekar, Faizal Shaikh, Vicky Kamble were passing through Ashok Chowk area. The accused, Avez and Aman assaulted Arbaz with a sickle. Shinde threw a bottle at Arbaz. PSI Sunil Randive is probing the case.


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