8th August 2022


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Pune Crime | Imposter policemen’s ‘ACB’ raid foiled by alertness of woman PSI in Pune; imposters flee from spot

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Pune Crime | Imposter policemen’s ‘ACB’ raid foiled by alertness of woman PSI in Pune; imposters flee from spot

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Pune : NpNews24 Online  – Pune Crime | Imposter policemen tried to rob the residence of deputy director of urban planning by pretending to be from ACB. But a woman PSI who was on patrol duty in the area, came to know about them. She went to the house of the official and tried to find out details but the imposter policemen asked her how she had come to the house without informing them and made good their escape by pretending to talk with her superiors. The timely intervention of the police official spoiled their plan of looting a senior official. (Pune Crime)


The deputy director of urban planning has lodged a complaint at the Warje police station. Based on the complaint, the police have filed an FIR against Sawant in civil dress and a man and a woman in police uniform. The incident took place at Datta Digambar Colony in Karve Nagar on Friday at 6.30 am.


According to the police, ED and CBI always conduct raids in the morning. Hence, the imposter policemen went to the official’s house at 6.30 am. They said that they were from Mumbai ACB. They asked the official about what had happened in his office on June 23. They showed a video to the official in which it could be seen that a person had come for getting a permit for a zone. The complainant gave details about the person to the accused. The imposter policemen told the official that a person in his office had demanded money from a person who had come to get a permit for a zone and the official’s name is also involved. Hence, they threatened the official that he will have to be arrested and his property will have to be seized. The official was told that he will have to pay Rs 5 lakh if he wanted to avoid this.


The complainant’s son went out of the house. When he came outside the society, he saw that woman PSI Patil was patrolling the area and the boy informed her about the development.


When ACB officials are conducting a raid, local police don’t interfere but Patil smelt a rat and she went to the official’s house with the boy. After the imposter policeman saw the PSI, he tried to assert his superiority. He asked her how she had come there without informing them and sought the mobile number of the senior PI. After Patil gave the number, he went outside the house pretending to make a call and ran away from the society.


The Warje police are investigating the case.


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