8th August 2022


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Gang of youths assaults teenager in Vishrantwadi

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Pune Crime | Gang of youths assaults teenager in Vishrantwadi

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Pune : NpNews24 Online  – Pune Crime | A youth had an argument with Rohan Ghorpade for driving his two-wheeler too close to the other vehicle. A gang of youths tried to kill Rohan Ghorpade’s friend with sickles as they could not find Rohan. (Pune Crime)


Kartik Amar Tagadpalli (19), a resident of Kalas, Vishrantwadi has lodged a complaint at the Vishrantwadi police station. The police have filed a case of attempt to murder against Yash Chavan (21), a resident of Bopkhel, Akash Panbone (20), a resident of Dhanori, Niraj Yadav (21), a resident of Wadarvasti, Alandi Road, Sandip Sita (20), a resident of Alandi Road, Amol Tak (21), a resident of Shanti Nagar, Yerawada and Nikhil Gosavi (21), a resident of Kalas and three others. Sandip Sita and Amol Tak have been arrested.


According to the police, the complainant Kartik is being treated at Sassoon Hospital. He is studying in TJ College in Khadki in the second year. Rohan Ghorpade is his friend. Three days ago, he was travelling to Kalas with his friend when Yash Chavan drove his two wheeler very close to his vehicle. Rohan told his friend to take his vehicle aside but Chavan thought he had been told to take his vehicle aside and abused him and threatened to kill him.


There was an argument between them. Yash came near the complainant’s house and asked people where Ghorpade stayed and abused him. He along with 10 others had gone to Rohan’s old house in Shanti Nagar and tried to kill him. Rohan was hiding in the house. He did not lodge a police complaint. Kartik on Sunday left his house at 7 pm and was going towards Chhatrapati Chowk. Yash came with 10-12 youths on 5-6 bikes. They were carrying rods, sticks and sickles. They arrived in the area and sounded the horns very loudly.


Yash hit the complainant with a stick. He threatened the complainant that he should have been careful before crossing swords with them. Akash Panbone hit Kartik with a sickle. Others hit him with iron rods and wooden sticks. Kartik became unconscious. They kicked him and ran away after brandishing sickles at bystanders.


Kartik’s friends admitted him to the Sassoon Hospital. PSI Narle is investigating the case.


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