Pune: BJP leader Ashish Shelar slams state government, says ‘Thackerays worried about pub and bars than temples’

Pune: Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Ashish Shelar has slammed the state government saying that the Thackerays are more worried about pubs and bars than temples in the state. Shelar was speaking during the press conference at the Pune Union of Working Journalists on Saturday (November 21).

Shelar said, “The state government led by the Thackerays is running away from their responsibilities on various issues related to the common public. When we raised the issue of school fees reduction, the government asked to approach the courts. State government is neither taking any decision nor consulting with anyone about reopening of schools. When we demand a relief package for the farmers in the state, they point towards the central government. Similarly on the temple reopening issue they pointed fingers at others.”

Shelar also stated that his recent statement about a Maratha woman candidate for Chief Ministership should not be viewed as a political statement. “My statement was in context of a remark made by Dnyanesh Maharao about a Maratha community woman leader being made the Chief Minister of the state.”

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