Power Bill Relief : Thackeray government betrays common man

Mumbai : Opposition parties had demanded a waiver or concession from MSEDCL for increased electricity bills, but if people use electricity, they will have to pay their bills. Therefore, those who are expecting a reduction in electricity bill will have to pay the bill.
Power consumers in the state will not be given relief from the increased electricity bills. Two days ago, MSEDCL had issued an order for recovery of electricity bill, the energy minister said.
MSEDCL is also a consumer just like consumers. MSEDCL has to buy electricity from outside. There are various charges. In this regard, Energy Minister Nitin Raut said that it is impossible to give concessions in increased electricity bills, if electricity is used, the bill will have to be paid. Bills received in lockdown must be paid. We are also customers. We are helping by taking loans. We also have limitations in running operations.
Also, just like you are a customer, we are also an electricity customer, we also pay the electricity bill. An inquiry is underway if there are more bills than usage. But those who used electricity will have to pay the bill. Nitin Raut said that the state government had sent a proposal to the center asking for help but the central government did not help.
MSEDCL provides 24 hours power in lockdown. People should pay their electricity bills. The power company supplied power in the lockdown. MSEDCL has a debt of Rs 69,000 crore. We are working by taking debt, how much more are we going to do? MSEDCL has issued a circular regarding payment of electricity bills, in which orders have been issued to pay the outstanding electricity bills by December 2020.
Many had complained about the increased electricity bill. After that, the proposal of the energy department to reduce the electricity bill was discussed in the cabinet meeting. According to the information received, at that time, the finance department had expressed inability to reduce the electricity bill. Because, it would have been a huge financial burden on the state government. Given the state’s current economic situation, the finance ministry had denied the allegations. The state had also sent a proposal to the Center seeking financial assistance from the Center to provide concessions in the increased power bills. However, it has not yet received a response.

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