PMC undertakes over Rs 500 cr works in Uruli Devachi and Phursungi since 2008; receives Rs 225 cr in revenue from property tax and construction charges

Pune : NpNews24 Online  –  Uruli Devachi-Fursungi Nagar Palika | The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has earned a revenue of around Rs 225 crore in property tax and towards construction charges from Phursungi and Uruli Devachi, which were included in the PMC in 2017. In these five years alone, the PMC has spent Rs 250 crore on the development works of these villages. Since 2008, the PMC has spent as much as Rs 206 crores on the problems caused by the garbage depot before the villages were included in the municipal corporation.


Residents of Uruli Devachi and Phuursungi affected by the garbage depot have faced problems for many years. The dumping of waste here was stopped due to periodic protests and legal battles by local citizens against the waste depot. Bio-mining process is being done on the waste dumped here and the PMC has also started a 200mt capacity waste treatment plant. So far, Rs 206 crores have been spent on various works like capping of waste, tree planting, leachate collection, bio-mining.


Along with this, since 2008, water has been supplied to the local people by tankers and road works have also been done.


After these villages joined the Municipal Corporation in 2017, development works worth around Rs 250 crores have been done. Also, the PMC had started efforts to raise a fund of Rs 700 crore for the work of three TP schemes to be implemented in these two villages. According to the various PMC departments, drainage and rainwater works were also planned.


Meanwhile, after including the villages, property tax revenue of Rs 200 crore has been received from both the villages.


Also, an income of Rs 25 crores has been earned from construction and development fees. These details were given by officials of the Property Tax Department and Construction Department, respectively.


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