Even if tenure of PMC is over, standing committee cannot be dissolved; may take legal action: Standing panel head Rasane

Pune : NpNews24 Online PMC Standing Committee | Standing committee chairman Hemant Rasane claimed that the term of current civic body will end on March 14. However, the standing committee does not get dissolved. The standing committee’s budget will be approved and will be sent to the general body on March 14. Rasane revealed this to reporters on Friday.


Politicking is underway on presenting the standing committee budget. Municipal commissioner Vikram Kumar presented the budget before the standing committee on March 8. A special meeting of the committee was called on March 9 to discuss the budget. NCP corporator Vishal Tambe raised a question as to how much time is required for presenting the budget sanctioned by the standing committee before the general body for its approval.


Replying to the query, municipal secretary Shivaji Daundkar said a 7-day notice is needed to present the budget before the GB. The current house term is ending on March 14. Therefore, it became clear that the 7-day limit is not available to the ruling BJP.


Now, standing committee chairman Rasane has claimed that the committee does not get dissolved. He claimed this on the basis of provisions of the Maharashtra Municipal Corporations Act. The committee will approve the budget and send it to the GB. The adjourned meeting of the committee will be held on March 14 and the budget will be approved on the same day. It will be sent for approval of the GB, said Rasane, and added that if any legal hurdles are raised, he would move court to get justice.


A letter to the civic chief

Rasane wrote a letter to Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar on Thursday. It claimed that the state government order to appoint an administrator at the civic body is illegal. He claimed that the standing committee does not get dissolved. Hence, its powers remain intact.


Technicalities may increase

– The current house term is ending on March 14. Hence, how could the budget passed by the standing committee be presented before the GB?

– What will happen to the budget approved by the committee but not approved by the GB?

– The state government has given the responsibility of the administrator to Vikram Kumar as the house term is ending.

– He will function as the administrator from March 15. A question will rise: which budget would be implemented?


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