PMC: Pune Municipal Corporation Faces Scrutiny Over Waste Disposal Tender Amid Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Success

Pune: In the wake of Pune’s accolade as ‘one of the best cities’ in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Survey, questions arise concerning the municipal administration’s disposal methods, potentially depleting municipal funds. Recent revelations regarding a tender process for the disposal of an additional 150 tonnes of waste have sparked controversy, with concerns raised over the decision to supply waste as fuel to cement companies and other industries.

The tender, aimed primarily at fuelling cement companies with waste, has stirred debate over the proposed tipping fee structure. Adarsh Company’s bid, offering the lowest tipping fee of Rs. 875 per tonne, has garnered attention, prompting impending deliberation before the Standing Committee for approval.

Critics argue that Pune boasts existing waste processing infrastructure, with projects handling both wet and mixed waste at an average tipping fee of Rs 600 per tonne. Additionally, the imminent launch of hydrogen production projects and smaller-scale processing plants begs the question: why the need to pay a premium tipping fee of Rs. 875 per tonne?

Previous revelations unveiled waste storage practices in nearby villages under the guise of city waste disposal. With doubts looming over whether industries will indeed pay a higher fee for waste as fuel or if it will simply accumulate in neighbouring areas, scepticism grows regarding the municipality’s waste management strategy.

As Pune celebrates its Swachh Bharat Abhiyan success, the spotlight now turns to the transparency and efficacy of its waste disposal practices, urging authorities to address mounting concerns and uphold the city’s reputation for cleanliness and efficiency.

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