PM Modi to Take Campaign Rally on April 29 in Pune; BJP to Do Big Show of Strength

Pune: The buzz of elections is in the air as the first phase of the Lok Sabha election 2024 kicks off today. Campaigning from both political parties is in full swing, with big leaders hitting the campaign trail, holding rallies, and organising road shows to woo voters to their sides in large numbers.

With each passing day, the intensity of the election fervour continues to grow as parties vie for the attention and support of the electorate. Amidst all this, the Prime Minister is taking a campaign rally in Pune for Mahayuti’s Pune candidate, Murlidhar Mohol.

For the last few days, BJP leaders from the state have been trying to request that PM Modi take one campaign rally in Pune for their candidate. However, with confirmation from high command regarding it, it can be said that state leaders’ efforts bore fruit.

A few days ago, some prominent BJP leaders said that they were trying to hold a campaign rally of Narendra Modi in Pune. Accordingly, the date of this campaign meeting has been decided. On the occasion of this meeting, the BJP is going to make a strong show of strength in Pune.

Yesterday, after filing the nomination papers of all the Mahavikas Aghadi’s candidates from Pune, Baramati, and Shirur, Mahavikas Aaghadi held a big campaign rally in Pune. Now, Prime Minister Modi is also going to take a rally in Pune on April 29. It is anticipated that the BJP will do a strong show of strength on this occasion.

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