PM Modi talks to Joe Biden, discusses Corona epidemic and climate change

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to the newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, on Tuesday and congratulated him on the victory. PM Modi and Joe Biden discussed Corona epidemic, climate change and cooperation in Indo-Pacific region.

PM Modi tweeted that he spoke to the newly elected President of America, Joe Biden on the phone. We reiterated our firm commitment to the India-US strategic partnership. The Prime Minister further wrote in his tweet that the shared priorities and concerns like the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and the Indo-Pacific region were also discussed.

PM Modi also congratulated Kamla Harris of Indian origin who won the election of Vice President. The Prime Minister said that her (Kamala Harris) success is a matter of pride and inspiration for the people of the Indian-American community.

After the results of the presidential election in America, PM Modi talked to Joe Biden. PM Modi congratulated Joe Biden on becoming the President of America. He said that I hope to work together once again to take Indo-US relations to greater heights.

In the presidential elections held on November 3, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden won 306 votes. Republican candidate Donald Trump received 232 votes. To win the election, 270 votes have to be obtained out of 538 electoral college votes.

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