Pilgrims Will Soon Get Permission For Hajj, Saudi Arabia Will Start Online App For Hajis

New Delhi : Saudi Arabia will soon allow Muslims to visit Mecca, the holiest site of Islam. Hajj pilgrimage of the Hajis has been banned for the last seven months due to the growing threat of the Coronavirus.

Hajj Minister Muhammad Saleh bin Taher Benten said on Monday that an online app will be launched soon, allowing citizens, residents of Saudi Arabia and visitors to reserve a specific time and date. Through this, pilgrims will get a chance to perform Umrah.

This step is being taken to avoid congestion and ensure that physical distance guidelines are followed. In a virtual seminar, the minister did not say when the yatra would begin and how many people would be allowed at one time.

Every year millions of Muslims reach Mecca for Hajj, but this time Muslims from other countries could not go to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. On Monday, Saudi Arabia also relaxed some restrictions on international flights for the first time in six months.

Despite taking initial and comprehensive measures to prevent corona infection, more than 3,30,000 cases of corona have been reported in Saudi Arabia, while more than 4,500 patients have died.

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