Phursungi and Uruli garbage depots closed till December 2019: Vijay Shivtare




Finally, the crisis of garbage disposal faced by the villagers of Pune seems to resolve. Garbage was regularly deposited at depots of Uruli Devachi and Phursungi villages in Pune city will now be closed permanently till 2019, as per the statement made by State Minister Vijay Shivtare, known as ‘bapu’ in a meeting.

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‘Bapu’ represents the Purandar Assembly Constituency and is the member of 13th Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. A meeting was held in the presence of the State Minister, to discuss the matter of newly added eleven villages by Pune Municipal Corporation.

Municipal Commissioner Saurabh Rao, group leaders Sanjay Bhosale and villagers of Uruli devachi and Phursungi were also present for meeting.

State Minister, Vijay Shivtare said that garbage has been deposited in Uruli devachi and Phursungi depots from last 25 years. There have been movements organized to oppose it. The matter has been discussed with the Municipal Corporation, and the 5 new garbage projects will be set up in Pune city by end of March 2019. He said that after the end of December, the wastes will not be deposited at Uruli and Phursungi.

The dumping of garbage in Uruli and Devachi was started in year 1991 by the state government and was chosen as the site for dumping the wastes. After which the villagers started agitations and protests against such activity demanding to stop the government from dumping wastes.

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He further added that, these newly added eleven villages’ need basic facilities, to minimize the problems being faced by the villagers. He also gave instructions to the administration to take immediate action.

The battle to fight against disposal of wastes by the villagers of Uruli Devachi and Phursungi has been started since the month of October. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has reduced the amount of wastes being disposed at such villages since then. But, now the battle seems to end now.



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