Petrol-Diesel Today : New prices released, Check latest fuel rates here


 Today’s morning has brought relief for the common man as the oil companies have not increased the prices of petrol and diesel on Tuesday. On Monday, the price of diesel was increased by 30 to 31 paise and that of petrol by 28 to 29 paise. Due to rising prices, the price of diesel has also crossed Rs 100 in many cities.

Petrol prices at record high
Significantly, since the results of the assembly elections of 5 states, the prices of petrol and diesel have increased 25 times, 16 times only in the month of May. Petrol prices have reached record levels due to the ever-increasing prices.

Here are today’s petrol prices –
Delhi: Rs 96.41 per liter
Mumbai: Rs 102.58 per liter
Chennai: Rs 97.69 per liter
Kolkata: Rs 96.34 per liter
Bengaluru: Rs 99.63 per liter
Bhopal: Rs 104.59 per liter
Ladakh: Rs 101.95 per liter
Lucknow: Rs 93.35 per liter
Jaipur: Rs 103.03 per liter
Chandigarh: Rs 92.73 per liter
Sri Ganganagar: Rs 107.06 per liter

Here are today’s diesel prices –
Delhi: Rs 87.28 per liter
Mumbai: Rs 94.70 per liter
Chennai: Rs 91.92 per liter
Kolkata: Rs 90.12 per liter
Bhopal: Rs 95.91 per liter
Ladakh: Rs 93.90 per liter
Bengaluru: Rs 92.52 per liter
Jaipur: Rs 96.24 per liter
Chandigarh: Rs 86.92 per liter

You can also get all the information on SMS –
You can check the price of petrol and diesel in your city through your mobile phone too. Either you first download IOC’s app or you send RSP and city code in your mobile number 9224992249, you will get all the information on SMS. Be aware that the RSP number for each city will be different, which you can find out from the IOC website.

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