Pak to crackdown on companies selling fairness creams

Islamabad, July 27 (IANS) The Pakistan government has decided to crackdown on companies selling fairness creams, the Minister for Climate Change announced in a press conference.

“Companies selling cheap fairness creams are contributing to damage people’s skin,” said Zartaj Gul Wazir, State Minister for Climate Change.

According to Geo TV, Wazir said her Ministry was testing and analysing the ingredients used by companies that manufacture and sell fairness creams as Pakistan is a member of the Minamata Convention on mercury.

She said the Ministry learnt that only three of the 59 local and international brands of fairness creams — samples of which were sent to the laboratory for testing — were in accordance with the international standards.

The remaining 56 brands were using dangerous levels of mercury in their fairness creams. By December 31, when lawmaking pertaining to this issue is completed, adequate action would be taken against such companies, reported Geo TV.


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