Obscura 3 camera app gets new look, modes

San Francisco, Feb 20 (IANS) Alternative iPhone camera app Obscura 3 has received a new update that brings a wide range of new camera features and an updated design.

It also adds more features, a better library interface, and improved performance.

According to MacRumors, the control wheel of the previous version has been replaced by an entirely gesture-based control system with haptic feedback which improves single-thumb control. It also gives users the closest feeling to using a real DSLR on a smartphone.

The new app builds upon Apple’s latest camera hardware, with Pro, Pro Photo, Depth, Live Photo, and Video modes.

Photo Mode is designed to be fast and uses the virtual camera (the Dual or Triple Camera system), which allows for rapid zooming between lenses.

The update has added an improved interface including new support for landscape mode when browsing your library.

Now, the library itself has changed, recent photos are displayed while quick access to important photo albums is also offered. Library can also be filtered in various ways including to hide screenshots and more.



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