No shortage of drugs in Pune – Chemist Association


Authotities from the Chemist Association of Pune District(CAPD) said that the complete ban declared on Fixed Drug Combination (FDC) on 329 drugs by the central government will not result in any shortage of drugs or capsules. But the ban will create some headache to doctors and patients for a while, claimed CAPD.

   The government of India’s drug controller department banned manufacturing, distribution and selling of the total 329 drugs which are made by two or more molecules which are called FDC drugs. D cold total , Saridon are some of the examples for the same drugs. These FDC drugs have been banned by the government to stop their “irrational use”.

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The health ministry says the ingredients in these medicines do not markedly add to the benefits that people can get from taking them. The order immediately bans the manufacture, marketing and sale of several common cough syrups, painkillers, and cold and flu drugs in public interest.
  When asked will the ban lead to shortage in market, Vijay Changedia, director of CAPD denied the development. “We have put on hold all these medicines as per the government order with immediate effect. Now people have to buy more medicines as doctors prescribe medicine with more than one molecules. It may force patients to run from medical stores to doctors for changing prescriptions”, said Changedia.
“There is sufficient stock of other medicines so it will not create any shortage”, he added.
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