Mystery behind Daund killings deepens

Pune : NpNews24 Online  –  Daund Murder Case | The bodies of seven members of the same family were found in the Bhima River within the limits of Yavat Police Station in Daund taluka of the district. Police investigation revealed that it was not suicide but murder. Five people have been arrested by the police in this case. (Daund Murder Case)


The mystery of this murder case is increasing. Out of the seven, three cremated bodies have been exhumed for post-mortem.


New details are coming out every day in the police investigation in the Daund Murder Case. So the mystery of the murder is increasing. A team from the Sassoon Hospital has reached Yavat Rural Hospital for autopsy. Sub Divisional Police Officer Rahul Dhas, Tehsildar Sanjay Patil, Police Inspector Hemant Shedge of Yavat Police Station will be present for post mortem.


On Tuesday, the police investigation revealed that the death of seven people from the same family was not an accident but a murder. The police have clarified that the murder was due to a family dispute. The bodies of all seven people were buried at Yavat. The police were conducting the investigation. But the police are continuing their thorough investigation, for which the buried bodies of three persons have been recovered. Out of these seven bodies, three bodies will be autopsied on Thursday. An autopsy will be conducted at the Yavat Rural Hospital.


Five people arrested
The seven people who died have been identified as Mohan Uttam Pawar (45). Sangeeta alias Shahabai Mohan Pawar (40) both from Beed, son-in-law Shamrao Pandit Phulware (28) his wife Rani Shamrao Phulware (24) their son Ritesh alias Bhaiyya Shamrao Phulware (7), Chhotu Phulvare (5), Krishna (3). The accused who have been arrested are identified as Ashok Kalyan Pawar (39), Sham Kalyan Pawar (35), Shankar Kalyan Pawar (37), Prakash Kalyan Pawar (24), Kantabai Sarjerao Jadhav (45) all from Ahmednagar. All the accused are siblings.


An act of revenge
In the investigation conducted by the police, it has been revealed that Mohan Pawar’s son, Anil Pawar and his cousin Dhananjay Pawar met with an accident while going to his father-in-law’s home at Perne Phata three months ago.


Even when Dhananjay was in the hospital, Mohan Pawar and his son did not tell this matter. After four days, cousins came to know about Dhananjay’s accident. Dhananjay Pawar died. His family suspected that Dhananjay’s death was not an accident but a conspiracy.


These killings took place out of revenge.



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