Minor girl found dead in forest, cops suspect rape while villagers suspect blackmagic




In a shocking incident, a panic created in the village after a toddler girl was found death in pool of blood  in an isolated and seclude area in Umerga village of Usmanabad district. Police suspect the girl has been sexually abuse and murdered.

The incident had come to light, after the group of villagers noticed the girl lying in pool of blood on Tuesday morning. The girl’s face was pelted with stone and it seemed the suspects of this case tried to destroy her face.

Based on which the Umerga police which comes under the jurisdiction of Usmanabad police rushed to the spot and investigating the case.

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Panic and chaos created in the village and people rush to the spot fearing some wild animal might target the girl, while few villagers claimed that those were due to some anti-superstition or black magic purpose but police suspect its sexually abuse and later murdered.

The Umerga Police claim that the girl identity is unclear it seems the deceased girl could be two and half year old and three year old girl.

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Senior Inspector Madhavrao Gundile of Umerga police station who is investigating the case and rushed to the spot said, “The girl body was found in isolated area near Kirali road Terana river. Girl was found in semi-naked condition. We suspect some undue incident have took place with the girl as there are lot of injuries on her body as well on her private part. We suspect girl is victimised of sexually been abused and later she was murdered. We have carried panchanama and also the body has been sent to Post mortem in the Umerga based primary health centre.”

He added, “After the autopsy examination the cause of death will be clear. In the meantime, we are trying to search the girl parent and probing the case. We suspect the girl was lying on such spot two days as its bit discomposed.”


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