Maratha Kranti Morcha: Leading to Economical Imbalance



The Mara[amazon_link asins=’B017NU6LZM,B07DDBZ7RK,B07DGHFLD4,B07CHT8PZL,B07D3631V4,B07B8PCNYM,B073GRGH9H,B0754HFRH1,B07D7W725Z’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’policenama100-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’24796438-9406-11e8-8ac3-8589fd57f881′]tha Kranti Morcha, in Pune district, held a protest March in the city on Sunday and Monday demanding the dissolution of cases filed against members of the Maratha community during their protests for reservations held last week across the state.

The protest became so violent on Monday that there had to impose curfew in Chakan area. Protestors has asked to fulfil their demands by August 9 otherwise they will spread unrest in whole state. Reportedly, Maratha Kranti Morcha has demanded that the state government should cancel the serious criminal cases filed against Maratha agitators. A protest rally (Prohibition March) was organized in Pune on Sunday by Maratha Samaj.

Maratha protestors have called for Bandh in Pune on Sunday and Monday. To support the Maratha agitation, the Group of Hawkers Association and Merchant Association had called for a strikeon Monday. Therefore, Monday’s vegetable and fruit markets have been completely closed in the Chhatrapati Shivaji Market in Gultekadi, Pune.

Because of the Bandh in the city, the offices, school and public transport has got obstructed since past two days. Rasta Roko Aandolan was going on at few parts of the city. Expressway was also blocked and highways had even got affected due to the protest.

As the highways were blocked and majorly the expressway was blocked, transportation of goods and vegetables was highly impacted. Also the state transportation has also got affected majorly which has created around Rs 2 crore’s of loss in state.

The government is expected to take some major decision in order to stop this protest because it does not only spread the social unrest but the economical imbalance also. The protest has taken a violent turn and is evoking more number of people. Which is resulting into disappointing activities or suicide of the protestors.

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