Man of controversial comments, Jain monk Tarun Saagar passes away



51-year old Digambar Jain Mni Tarun Saagar breath his last at Delhi based hospital who was suffering from prolonging illness due to Jaundice disease. Tarun Sagar’s demise was way too early at his age.

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He was admitted to Delhi based Max Hospital since past 20 days and was in a serious condition for two days. He had been suffering from Jaundice for long but he refused to go to the hospital and treated.

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Madhya Pradesh born saint, always remained in news due to his controversial comments, ‘Kadve Vachan’ based on religion and spirituality, terrorism, and many such social issues. His comments on such issues have always triggered a series of arguments and discussions among the public.

Recently, Vishal Dadlani ended up quitting politics as he stood up against the naked monk giving the speech at an assembly. He was dragged into controversies which were considered baseless by the youth and public. His comments always led to debate among the people.

Some of his comments which led to a series of debate among youth:

1. A husband is like politics and the wife is like dharma and that the ‘wife’ must accept the orders of the husband.
2. Unlike Pakistan, India is raising up traitors in its own country.
3. India will become second Pakistan, as traitors and betrayals are hiding in our country itself.
4. India will have to stop raising Muslims in the country, then and only then terror in India will eliminate from society. Henceforth, India should not welcome any Muslim in its country as it will lead to more terror.

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He faced a lot of criticism after attending the Haryana Assembly. People had shown their dislike for a monk giving the speech in an assembly naked, while some got angry on him being called at the assembly for speech; people including feminists have tweeted as:

@sanskaristree tweeted:

On the other hand, some are expressing their grief on the demise of the Jain monk. This is what the country is tweeting on the demise of Saint Tarun Saagar:

Rohan, @narendramodi tweeted:

About Tarun Sagar:

His real name was Pavan Kumar Jain who was born on 26, 1967 in Gram Guhaji district of Damoh in Madhya Pradesh. He pursued his education from Chhattisgarh. He left his home early in Madhya Pradesh and moved to Chhattisgarh for his future education.

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