Mamata Banerjee sustains serious injuries, Complaints of shortness of breath & chest pain


Kolkata : Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal got injured during her campaign trail in Nandigram today. After which she was taken to Kolkata for treatment.

According to sources close to CM Mamata Banerjee, she got injuries on her foot and even received bruises on face.

Mamata Banerjee alleged while speaking to reporters that she was “pushed” by someone and has claimed that there was a “conspiracy” against her. She added that her foot was swollen and that she wants to go back home to see her doctor.

Mamata Banerjee also said she will complain about the incident to the Election Commission of India. Meanwhile, the Election Commission has sought an immediate report from the West Bengal chief election officer into the incident.

Meanwhile, the BJP and Congress have called the incident a “drama” to gain sympathy. The incident happened around 6.15 pm when Mamata Banerjee was about to leave the Birulia area near Reyapara after praying at a local temple.

The 66-year-old chief minister Mamata Banerjee claimed that her leg got swollen because of the injury and she was feeling feverish, and was having chest pain.

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