Maharashtra State Police Sports Competition: Pune Police wins title in shooting; CP Retesh Kumaarr, Joint CP Sandeep Karnik, Addl CP Dr. Jalindar Supekar congratulate contestants

Pune : NpNews24 Online  – Pune Police News |  In the Maharashtra State Police Sports Competition, the Pune Police have won the title in shooting. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis presented the trophy to the winners in all three categories namely Shooting Men, Shooting Women and Shooting Service Weapon. The competition was organised from January 7 to 13, 2023. CP Retesh Kumaarr, Joint CP Sandeep Karnik and Addl CP Dr Jalindar Supekar have congratulated all the winners. (Pune Police News)


The names of the medal winners of the competition are as follows :

1. PI Ankush Chintaman – Pistol – Bronze Medal
2. API Rakesh Kadam – Pistol – One gold and two silver medals
3. API Nitin Shinde – Rifle – Bronze Medal
4. Police Constable Rajendra Patil – Pistol – 5 Golds, 1 Bronze, Rifle – 2 Golds, Pistol & MP 5 – Best Shooter Trophy
5. Police Constable Amol Nevse – Rifle – Gold
6. Police Constable Mahesh Jadhav, Rifle – One Gold, One Silver, One Bronze
7. Police Constable Anil Ukre – Rifle – One Bronze
8. Police Constable Mangesh Khedkar – Rifle – One Bronze Medal
9. Police Constable Dattatraya Khade – Pistol – One Gold, One Silver
10. Police Constable Yasmeen Syed – Pistol – One Bronze
11. Police Constable Vaishali Godge – Pistol – Three Silver


All shooter competitors have achieved this feat after performing their daily duties and practicing shooting. Contestants have won medals under the guidance of CP Retesh Kumaarr, Joint CP Sandeep Karnik, Additional CP Dr. Jalindar Supekar, HQ Deputy Commissioner Rohidas Pawar and under the leadership of PI Ankush Chintaman, Reserve PI Kishor Tembhurne and Reserve PSI Hatkar. Senior officials have congratulated all the medal winning shooters.


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