Lalu Yadav’s health deteriorates, only 25% kidney working, may need dialysis

Ranchi: There is a sudden decline in the health of Lalu Prasad, who is undergoing treatment at Ranchi RIMS. Being a diabetic patient, there has been a sudden increase in his creatine levels. According to Dr. Umesh Prasad, who is treating Lalu Prasad at RIMS, if his health continues to decline, he may need dialysis. Information from the RIMS management has also been given to the High Court. The High Court had sought a report on Lalu Yadav’s health from RIMS management.

25 percent kidney is working:
According to RIMS physicians, 25% of the kidney of Lalu Yadav is currently working. It has declined 10 per cent in the last few days. If it falls further by 10–12 per cent, he will need dialysis immediately.

When Lalu Prasad came to RIMS, his kidney was at the stage of 3B. Now it has reached Stage-4. For two years, the kidney was functioning better under the supervision of doctors, but now once again its condition has started deteriorating. According to RIMS physicians, if there was no risk of corona infection, Lalu Prasad could also be sent to AIIMS for better treatment.

Lalu is also under mental stress:
According to doctors, one of the major reasons for this deterioration in health is his mental stress. He is constantly worried about the Bihar elections. He is not paying regular attention to food and drink.

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