Know why you should include Paneer in your diet during COVID 19 recovery period

Mumbai : New research has shown that Covid-19 infection is spreading in the air, due to which a huge number of people are being infected in spite of following social distancing. In this case, the mask is the most effective. Despite this, if you get infected by Covid, only your immunity can save you.

Protein is most important in maintaining immunity. Cottage Cheese (Paneer) meets your immediate needs. In Covid recovery, you should know how much Paneer to be included in your every day diet.

Why is protein important for the body –
– Protein is the essential nutrient for your body.
– Protein deficiency leads to frequent hunger and irritability.
– If the body does not get enough protein then the hair and nails become thin.
– The immune system becomes weak and you can fall ill easily.
– Protein deficiency is also responsible for mental exhaustion, diabetes and slow body development.

If your body does not get enough protein, it may take you a long time to recover from any disease. Sleeplessness and weight gain are also the disadvantages of lack of protein in the body.

Why Paneer is special in COVID 19 recovery –
The protein present in Paneer gives us quick recovery and heals injury quickly. You must have also read in your NCRT books that protein is helpful in the growth of our body as well as repairing our tissue, so that we get well soon from the disease. Paneer is an excellent source of protein.

More benefits of eating Paneer –
– It contains a lot of protein which makes our muscles strong.
– Paneer leads to rapid physical and mental development. It contains omega-3 which is very good for the brain.
– The calcium present in it makes bones and teeth strong.
– Consuming the right amount of Paneer keeps blood pressure and cholesterol levels balanced.

Eat raw Paneer 1 hour before breakfast and lunch. This gives you the necessary energy. Apart from this, consume Paneer even 1 hour before bed at night. Because at bedtime, the body needs the most protein to digest food and it contains plenty of protein.

Excessive Paneer consumption can also be harmful –
Do not consume too much Paneer because excess of anything can harm you. If Paneer is made of milk, eating it too much increases the risk of cholesterol. Therefore, consume Paneer in limited quantities. Protein is very beneficial for our body and as far as possible take protein in a natural way.

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