Know what is ‘False Pregnancy’ : Causes, Symptoms & Tests

Mumbai : False pregnancy, an illusion in which a woman feels that she is pregnant even if she is not. This is an uncommon condition called pseudocyesis in medical language.

What is False Pregnancy

False pregnancy is also known as phantom pregnancy. This is an unusual situation in which a woman begins to feel that she is having a baby in her womb. Whereas in reality there is no child in her womb.

False Pregnancy Symptoms

False pregnancy is called pseudocyesis in medical language. This is a situation in which the woman feels that she is pregnant. Women suffering during false pregnancy also have early symptoms of pregnancy such as fatigue, irregular menstruation, headache, change in breast size of women, vomiting and gas in the stomach. In this situation, not only the victim woman but other people also consider her pregnant, whereas in reality there is no child in the womb of the woman.

Causes of False Pregnancy

The main cause of false pregnancy is mental pressure. This problem is seen more in women who have a very strong desire to become a mother or women who are having frequent miscarriages due to some reason. Pregnancy-like symptoms start to occur within such women. Which later became the cause of false pregnancy. Apart from this, poverty, illiteracy, sexual abuse in childhood, bitter relations between husband and wife also cause false pregnancy.

Treatment of False Pregnancy

There is no need to take medication from doctors to treat false pregnancy. In this disease, with the help of a psychiatrist, the woman suffering is just explained that she is not pregnant, only the symptoms of pregnancy are visible. Women should keep in touch with a gynaecologist to avoid false pregnancy. Your doctor will find out if you are really pregnant testing your urine or blood test and ultrasound.

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