Kalyan: Old man duped by youth while withdrawing money from ATM

Kalyan: A retired old man was cheated of Rs 80,000 at an ATM machine in Kalyan. The matter has been reported to the police and an investigation is underway with the help of CCTV footage.
Narhari Shelke, who lives in Chinchpada area east of Kalyan, is retired. On November 3, he needed some money. He went to Canara Bank ATM in Vijayanagar to withdraw money. He put the ATM card in the ATM machine to withdraw money. The money did not come out.
He tried for a long time but the money did not come out. Then a young man standing in line behind them said, “I’ll help you withdraw money.” Shelke believed him. The young man took the ATM card from Shelke’s hand, put it in the machine and said, ]your money didn’t come out’. However, Narhari had given the PIN number of the ATM to the youth.
Shelke then left from there. After some time, one message after another started coming on Shelke’s mobile. Then he realized that he had been deceived. He immediately lodged a complaint against the unidentified youth at the Kolsewadi police station.
Nalawade, a police officer at the Kolsewadi police station, said Narhari had handed over the ATM to the youth. The youth inserted the ATM card in the machine and returned it to Shelke. He must have gone to another ATM and withdrawn Rs 80,000 as he knew the PIN number. Now the police are investigating further with the help of CCTV.
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