Internal transfers of 12 PIs in Pune Rural Police Force

Pune : NpNews24 Online  –  Pune Police Inspector Transfer | Superintendent of Police Ankit Goyal has introduced major changes in the Pune Rural Police Force. Ten police inspectors (PIs) who have completed two years of service at one place have been transferred. Two police inspectors who are awaiting posting have been posted. These transfers have been made for administrative convenience. (Pune Police Inspector Transfer)


Names of the transferred police inspector and from where to where in brackets

1. Police Inspector Dilip Shashupal Pawar – (Economic Offenses Wing (EOW) to Indapur Police Station)

2. Police Inspector Narayan Vinayak Pawar – (Yavat Police Station to Junnar Police Station)

3. Police Inspector Hemant Ganpat Shedge – (Shikrapur Police Station to Yavat Police Station)

4. Police Inspector Rajkumar Balaji Kendre – (Economic Crime Branch to Khed Police Station)

5. Police Inspector Vikas Ahilappa Jadhav (Junnar Police Station to District Special Branch)

6. Police Inspector Pramod Ambadas Kshirsagar – (Alephata Police Station to Shikrapur Police Station)

7. Police Inspector Yashwant Krishna Nalavde – (Security Branch to Alephata Police Station)

8. Police Inspector Santosh Dinkar Jadhav – (Control Room to Security Branch)

9. Female Police Inspector Vaishali Raosaheb Patil – (Control Branch to Anti Human Trafficking Unit – AHTU)

10. Police Inspector Vijaysinh Bhagavansinh Chauhan (Police Inspector Vijaysinh Bhagavansinh Chauhan) – (Anti Human Trafficking Unit – AHTU to Dial – 112)

11. Police Inspector Prabhakar Madhavrao More – (Dial-112 Temporary Duty- Baramati Taluka Police Station to Baramati Police Station (Regular Posting))

12. Police Inspector Bhausaheb Narayan Patil –
(Civil Branch- Temporary charge Daund Police Station to Daund Police Station (Regular posting))


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