How to write resume : Avoid these common mistakes while writing resume for job

Mumbai : If you want to get the latest jobs in any company around the world, first of all you have to submit your resume to the company’s HR. Resume provide information about your education, your previous experience and your personality development in general. This means that the role of biodata (CV) is important in whether you will get a job in that company or not. But often people make some mistakes in resume due to which they can’t get a job. But don’t worry now. Today we are going to tell you about the common mistakes people make in resume and will also tell you the solution.

Never make ‘these’ mistakes in resume-

Do not lengthen your resume
The important thing when creating a resume is the length of the biodata. Many people make 5-6 pages long resume. However, doing so can make it difficult to read and reduce the chances of getting a job. Therefore, when creating a biodata, make a maximum of 1-2 pages. Present yourself in very short and concise words.

Avoid grammatical mistakes
Most of the time we use English to create resume. This leads to numerous errors in syntax or spelling. Of course we don’t make these mistakes on purpose but these happen unknowingly. So when creating a resume, take the help of online spell checkers. Or get your resume checked from experts.

Don’t get away from the point
Write down what is important when creating a resume. Don’t stray from the original point. Write your experience and your education in very few words but to the point. Use pointers if possible. This will not bother the seniors in the company to see your biodata and the biodata will also look attractive.

Avoid using bright colors
If possible, let the biodata be black and white. This helps the biodata look professional. However, if absolutely necessary, never let the color of the page and fonts in the biodata be too bright. Even use light colors. If possible, print biodata on bond paper.

Don’t misrepresent important information
The biodata often contains your mobile number, e-mail id, home address and information about education and experience. It is important to make sure that this information is not inaccurate. Once the information is complete, check it once.

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