HireMee offers AI-driven mid-term student assessment solutions for colleges

New Delhi, May 2 (IANS) In a bid to help educational institutions keep the learning systems moving, online testing firm HireMee has unveiled artificial intelligence (AI)-basedbased mid-term student assessments solutions like organising an online test live without any cheating possibilities for colleges.Although colleges have adopted digital tools for online learning, the key challenge now is how to administer assessments and tests, and ascertain the learning outcomes.HireMee provides a Cloud-based digital platform for employability enhancement for students and conducts assessments that employers can use, the company said in a statement.The company said that to date, it has completed nearly a quarter million AI-proctored attempts, with a rejection of around 5 percent attempts in the last 18 months in over 3,000 colleges in the country.The HireMee platform provides key requirements for an exam, assessment like scheduling a test, creating a question bank for selection and creation of exam instances, randomising selection of questions, setting time limits, and administering a proctored test. “This should be easy to access for students anywhere in the country with a simple link and password on computers with a webcam and internet connectivity,” said the company.HireMee platform also facilitates the proctoring environment through its AI and machine learning (ML)-based tool.The AI/ML system is trained to process and compare images of the examinee taken during the test with candidate information provided and flag discrepancies to prevent impersonation. “Face detection and recognition algorithms work in sync. The system captures any movement of the candidate eyes or ears and highlights such instances with corresponding images. Similarly, it can identify presence of other individuals nearby and ascertain if any external help is being sought by a candidate,” the company informed.The system also locks down the application on which the assessment is being taken, thus restricting the navigation of candidates away from the assessment. “Tolerance for unintentional navigation out of the window can be defined,” said HireMee.HireMee platform can handle multiple question types like multiple choice questions, subjective questions, paragraph type questions, video and audio input, typing and coding simulators. “Results are available real-time post manual evaluation of subjective questions on the platform. Individuals can access results in excel, PDF and HTML formats. Even cluster or class wise results can be accessed for comparative analysis,” said the company. Several colleges have already tested these capabilities and are in the process of rolling out their mid-term assessments through the platform.–IANSna/

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