Heavy vehicles banned in Lonavala during daytime

Lonavala: Heavy vehicles on Pune-Mumbai highway passing through Lonavala have been diverted via an alternative route due to congestion. District Collector Suhas Diwase has issued a directive to ban heavy vehicles during daytime in Lonavala.

Tourists flock to Lonavala and Khadala during the rainy season. Huge crowds can be seen on weekends at the hill stations. Heavy vehicles use the Mumbai-Pune highway passing through them. These vehicles slow down traffic and cause snarls at many places. To address these issues, all types of heavy vehicles have been permanently banned to enter Lonavala from 6 am till 10 am. The directives have been given by District Collector Suhas Diwase.

Many serious accidents have taken place due to heavy vehicles in Lonavala. Entry has been barred to these vehicles on the stretch of the highway from Manshakti Kendra in Lonavala to Battery Hill in Khandala. They have been diverted via an alternative route. An appeal has been made to heavy vehicle drivers to use the Expressway.

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