Good news! Cancer vaccine found while researching on Corona vaccine

Berlin: After a year of waiting, the coronavirus vaccine became available to the world. In the meantime, the search for this vaccine has also made it possible to find a vaccine against deadly disease like cancer.

A couple scientists from the German BioNTech company, which provides corona vaccine to the world, have also developed a cancer vaccine. The CEO of BioNTech, Dr. Ugur Sahin and his wife Dr. Ozlem Turesi has found a way to enable the immune system to fight cancer. From now on, steps have been taken towards vaccine production.

The couple has been researching a treatment for cancer for the past twenty years. Dr. Türeci said the corona vaccine messenger sends a production message to that protein in the human body with the help of RNA (M-RNA) that enables the immune system to fight the virus. That is, M-RNA is a small part of the genetic code, which produces proteins in cells. This leads to the production of safe antibodies in the immune system. So there is no need for a real virus. In the same way that we have developed corona vaccines, we have developed some vaccines to completely eradicate cancer. We will be launching a clinical trial soon.

According to the research we have done so far, the M-RNA-based vaccine has shown that it can fight cancer even before it occurs. If all goes well, the cancer vaccine will be available in the next two years, the scientists claim. He also hopes that this will help alleviate the problems caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer patients.

Apart from BioNTech, Oxford scientists are also preparing to develop an M-RNA based cancer vaccine. Preparations have also been completed to test for M-RNA-based vaccines in patients with lung cancer. He has founded Vaccitech, a company working on a vaccine against prostate cancer. The initial results of this vaccine are very positive.

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