Follow these simple pregnancy tips and avoid ‘Miscarriage’ risk  

New Delhi : Pregnancy brings a lot of happiness not only for a couple but for the whole family. But if there is a miscarriage, the happiness turns into the saddest moment.

A study done by United Kingdom says, one in every 6 women who suffer from miscarriage early in their pregnancy has a prolonged stress. But having a miscarriage is not at all uncommon. Around 10% of women have a miscarriage problem before the 20th week of pregnancy. There are many reasons for having a miscarriage such as hormonal imbalance, weak immunity, blood clotting problem, thyroid or diabetes, smoking, uterine problems, etc.

In most cases, miscarriage cannot be stopped but we can increase the chances of healthy pregnancy by adopting some measures which reduces the risk of miscarriage.

Healthy lifestyle –

Unhealthy lifestyle greatly increases the risk of miscarriage. Habits such as smoking or passive smoking, consuming alcohol, taking drugs, increase the chances of miscarriage. Regular exercise, adequate sleep, a balanced and regular diet increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy. Reducing caffeine intake is also right during pregnancy.

Folic acid and vitamin B3 intake –

Studies have said that consuming 400 mg of folic acid per day reduces the risk of miscarriage. According to a research by the Victor Chang Institute in Sydney, vitamin B3 intake reduces the risk of miscarriage and congenital diseases.

Do not gain too much weight –

It is considered right to have some weight gain during pregnancy. But increased weight increases the risk of miscarriage. If pregnant women gain more weight or if they are underweight, both cases can cause miscarriage. They should take special care of their weight.

Stay in touch with doctors for chronic diseases –

If a pregnant woman has any health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid etc. then she should keep in touch with her doctor regularly. Controlling the condition of any chronic disease reduces the chances of miscarriage.Stay safe from viral infection –

To avoid flu and pneumonia, wash hands regularly and take care of cleanliness. Get all the vaccinations done during pregnancy and get in touch with specialists or doctors.

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