Final countdown has begun for BJP’s defeat and this will prove suicidal for it, says senior Congress leader Mohan Joshi

Pune : NpNews24 Online  –  Pune Congress Mohan Joshi On BJP | The Deputy President of the state unit of Congress Party, Mohan Joshi, while speaking about disqualification of senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi from the Lok Sabha, said, “Shishupal committed 100 sins and the same has happened with Narendra Modi’s BJP government. The Congress is prepared for the final battle and it will not rest till BJP and Narendra Modi is defeated.” (Pune Congress Mohan Joshi On BJP)


“Rahul Gandhi used to question the government about the high rate of inflation, unemployment, poor condition of the economy and corruption and the decision to disqualify him shows that BJP is in a panic mode. This decision will prove suicidal for the BJP,” he said.


“This step by the BJP is anti-democratic and is an attempt to muzzle Rahul Gandhi’s voice because he has emerged as a credible alternative. However, the citizens are desperate to get rid of anti-democratic Modi government and this has been proved by the defeats of BJP in Kasba Peth assembly bypoll and assembly polls in Himachal Pradesh and the victory of the Congress. Hence, Modi who thinks himself as maha nayak and BJP are very worried,” he said.


“For last nine years, PM Narendra Modi took many decisions which were detrimental to the interests of the common man and filled the pockets of few businessmen. However, Rahul Gandhi has strongly opposed the game plan of Narendra Modi and BJP to present India on a platter to the Adani Group. Through the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi reached out to the common man in many states. Since Modi knows that he is going to lose power, BJP leaders did not allow Rahul Gandhi to speak in Parliament for eight days and through a planned conspiracy, a ruling was given by a judge in Surat sessions court against Gandhi. Based on the court ruling, Rahul Gandhi has been disqualified and this has given rise to a wave of anger and Rahul Gandhi has emerged as a tall leader,” Joshi said.


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