Every Indian should work for country with patriotism :Mayor, Mukta Tilak




We got independence in 1947, and it was a difficult journey. To make our country an independent nation many freedom fighters have sacrificed their lives.  People had a strong feeling of patriotism.

Even today people like Sumedha Chithade and Yogesh Chithade are working for the soldiers who are protecting our country. Every Indian should help them said Mukta Tilak, mayor of Pune.

Sumedha Chithade and Yogesh Chithade are working as country’s saviors, who do their duties by keeping nation above all. They even have to work at festivals, when the whole country rejoices. They work 48 hours round the clock due to which the citizens of nation feel safe at homes. Sumedha Chithade and Yogesh Chithade’s contribution is commendable. Most of the soldiers work in poor weather conditions too.

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Sumedha Chithade said, “The soldiers are working for the nation with patriotism regardless of caste, creed and religion. They put nations above all. We can visit the various boundaries of the country as a tourist only because our soldiers stand there for 48 hours and we shouldn’t forget it. We have always dreamt of working, whereas our soldiers feel difficulties to breathe. Therefore, we are working for the soldiers, doing our duty by considering the nation as God.”

Dnyanyog Seva Trust organized a ‘Natya Mahotsav 2018’ at Balgandharv Natya Mandir. Yogesh Chithade and Sumedha Chithade were honored, who have installed a project for providing oxygen at Siachen for Indian soldiers by their own income.

Sanjay Pathare, Meghrajraje Bhosale, Shailesh Tilak, Goraksh Dhotre, founder of the Trust Rajendra Khedekar, President Manisha Khedekar, Asmita Mirani, Vijay Joshi, Rahul Saindane, Ganesh Shingane, Ravindra Katakar, Atul Jethmalani, Chandrashekhar Valvankar were present for this program.

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Additional Collector of Srinagar Sagar Doifode, Swarurp Savanur the Indian Football’s Mental Health Coach were also honored in this program. All the Doctors’ Associations in Pune, Ruby Hall Clinic, E-Health App, Riddhiman Valley, were participated in the project. Ajit Gosavi organized did the anchoring and Anand Londhe gave vote of thanks.

The founder of the Trust Rajendra Khedekar said that through the Dnyanyog Seva Trust, social activities are going on for many years. This is an attempt to give a message of inspiration to Punekars by honoring to those, who make contribution towards the safety of nation like Sumedha and Dr. Sagar Doifode. Every person should come forward to carry out their duties by working for the country.

After this program, the play ‘Biykochya Nakalat’ was arranged freely for Pune people.

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