Don’t convert ‘Samaadhi Sthal ‘ into a temple of worship: Kelkar Family appeals to preserve Heritage structure built in memory of their Grandfather

Preserve Samaadhi structure of Late Gangadhar Kelkar as it is

Pune : NpNews24 Online  – Omkareshwar Temple | Some devotees of City are transforming Samaadhi Sthal of late Gangadhar Kelkar into the temple of Lord Shiva , But Kelkar family appealed Puneites to maintain its original heritage structure as it This Samaadhi structure can be seen behind Omkareshwar temple in river bed. Gangadhar Kelkar was father of Dinkar Kelkar (founder of Raja Kelkar Musium) (Omkareshwar Temple)


As Maha Shivaratri festival coming in a few days,some banners are raised announcing Maha Shivaratri rituals on structure.Dr. Shrikant Kelkar (founder, National institute of ophthalmology)and nephew of late Dinkar Kelkar(founder of Raja Kelkar Musium) with Aruna Shrikant Kelkar, Satyajit Kelkar, Dr Sudhanwa Ranade (Kelkar musium) today visited Samaadhi structure and informed devotees about history of structure,requested devotees to maintain Heritage.


There is Shiv Linga (Pind) on structure of Samaadhi.Some devotees raised the shade of tin, painted Samaadhi structure and started converting it into Lord Shiva Temple.


Samaadhi that went 6 feet deep during Panshet flood

Dr Shrikant Kelkar,grandson of late Gangadhar Kelkar said,’This samadhi of Gangadhar Kelkar is constructed in the year 1928 by my father Bhaskar kelkar ( Kelkar optician) And Dinkar Kelkar (founder of Raja Kelkar musium), in the year 1928 ( in British rule and not in Peshava rule)at the place where last rituals of my grand father Gangadhar Kelkar were performed.I am his grandson.


There is a pind on the top of samadhi because his name was Gangadhar means Shankar ,some people want to convert it into a temple. The body of my grandmother was placed there for some time. An available photograph shows where Bhaskar on one side and Dinkar on the other side are sitting near structure. The Samadhi was quite tall ,but due to Panshet dam burst flood,it went deep by about 6 feet .


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