Creating New landscape : Agri10x Partners with RNDP Cambodia

NP NEWS24 : Agri10x-iCognitive Global, world’s first Blockchain and AI enabled e-marketplace, has jointly collaborated with Rice Natural Development PLC, Phnom Penh, Cambodia to provide pre-harvest & post-harvest management assistance.

Agri-10x will help set up the digitized agriculture portal and provide technical training to RNDP team for the same. This platform will not only facilitate the ease of doing business but also connect Cambodian farmers and traders to the global market. It aims to facilitate international trade, expand market base, generate employment and strengthen Cambodia’s rice-rich economy.
The signing ceremony recently took place at the provincial council office, Cambodia, in the presence of chief of agriculture department, Sok Kong, on December 20. Other honourable dignitaries who participated in the event were Siem Reap governor; H.E. King Vannak, RNDP partner; Ros Sovanveasna, secretary of agriculture ministry; H.E. Khun Savoeun along with Agri10x founders. More than 200 local farmers and government officials witnessed the event.

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Praising Agri10x founders for taking up the initiative of working towards the socio-economic transformation of the agriculture sector, Kong said that he would whole-heartedly support this collaboration. He also added that this partnership will cement India-Cambodia’s friendship and will greatly benefit their country’s farming community.

Agri10x CEO, Pankajj Gode, believes the partnership is perfectly aligned with the company’s mission to help alleviate the distress of farmers and make them economically self-reliant worldwide. He said, “Since centuries, farmers have been selflessly feeding human beings across the world and it is our collective responsibility to ensure they don’t die of starvation on our watch.”
Apart from providing end-to-end solutions for smart agriculture, Agri10x will also prepare data assessments of local farmers and establish Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) locally. This platform will create opportunities for Cambodian farmers to explore the potential global market.

Agri10x CTO, Sundeep Bose, feels with more than 60% of world population dependant on agriculture for survival, it is the need of the hour to bring farmers and traders on one common platform. He said, “It’s our goal to provide a transparent business platform to uplift the rural economy by the means of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. This will create a level-playing field for all the parties involved.”
Cambodia’s agriculture sector contribution stands at 27.5% of its total GDP as of 2019. According to an official report, Cambodia has exported a total of 457,940 tons of rice to 59 countries and regions during the first 10 months of this year. Agri10x and RNDP partnership aims to double these numbers by 2020–2021.

According to Agri10x COO, Abhijith Naraparaju, smart agriculture market is estimated to be worth USD 7.53 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 13.50 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 12.39%. Smart agriculture involves hardware devices and tools to minimize input and increase output productivity of lands and crop yields. Automation and control systems such as GPS receivers, live tracking, guidance and steering devices along with variable rate technology (VRT) tools play a major role in the smart agriculture industry.

Emphasizing on India and Cambodia’s ancient historical ties, CSO Bryann Pillay said, “Just like India, Cambodia is known for its rich culture and heritage. Our connection is centuries old. The magnificent structure of Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia is a glorious testimony of India’s pervading architectural influence. And this partnership will further foster strong ties and encourage mutual exchanges not only in agriculture sector but also technology between both the countries, leading to inclusive growth.”
Another interesting fact to note is that as per Food and Agricultural Organization, agricultural production, globally, has been growing at a rate of between 2% and 4% percent annually over the past 50 years, while arable land has increased by only 1% per year. This means we need to optimize the usage of our available resources keeping the future in mind.

Agri10x founders believe the key is to create a robust supply chain to help reduce wastage, bridge the gap between farmers and markets along with providing precision-farming backed by technology and micro-financing. Designed keeping all these requirements in mind, Agri10x platform is deemed to be the next big revolution in agriculture.

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