COVID19 : Mumbai local resumes but next 15 days extremely crucial

Mumbai : Local trains across the country are closed due to Corona, due to which the passengers are facing a lot of problems. Local trains in Mumbai have resumed operations from February 1. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has said that the next 15 days will be very important.

BMC Additional Commissioner Suresh Kakani said that we think the next 15 days will be important and after that we will be in a position to comment on whether the cases are increasing after the commencement of local trains. We are keeping a close watch on daily cases and are also preparing for the ongoing vaccination campaign.

He also said that Mumbai Local is the lifeline of residents living in Mumbai and surrounding cities. Last March, services were suspended due to the growing threat of Covid-19. It was later introduced in separate slots for essential service staff, women and lawyers.

Now, all citizens will be able to travel by local trains in three slots. Now, common passengers can travel in local trains from 4 am to 7 am, 12 to 4 pm in the afternoon and 9 am to 1.15 pm at night until the last train leaves.

It is necessary to follow the Corona Guidelines issued by the government in the local train. If this is not done then strict action will be taken. If a common citizen is found travelling in a time slot without permission, strict action will be taken. Also it is mandatory to wear a mask.

With 328 new cases in Mumbai, the number of coronavirus patients in Mumbai has reached 309,303. At the same time, 11,361 people died. The mortality rate in Mumbai is 3.67% and recovery is 94%.