Couple try to end life on petty domestic issue





In a bizzare incident, a petty domestic dispute between the couple took for life, as fed up with constant fight woman jumped from fifth floor seeing this husband too jumped.

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The police has identified the couple as Manoj Nandakishor Walve (36) and his wife Sonali (30) . Both were rushed to Hospital and undergoing treatment.

A case has been registered with Uttam Nagar police station.

According to Police, “injuried Manoj is contractor while his wife Sonali is housewife. The incident took place on Friday around 9pm. Prima facie that we have learnt from neighbours and other witnesses. Duo use to have constant fights and on Friday around 9pm it seem duo had fight on petty dispute on some domestic issue. On which Sonali who was fed up with fight, loud noise and torture. She often complain insulted. She moved out of the house and jumped from the fifth floor of the building.”

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He added, “Manoj try to move out of house to search her but it seem by then Sonali had lock the house, he too jump from the house balcony. Both were rushed to hospital and undergoing treatment in Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Both are injuried and now out of danger. Both are in shock so at present we have not recorded their statements and reason for the attempt to suicide. Still the reason of such extreme step is unclear and the dispute issue.”

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