Contribution for Ganesh festival or Hooliganism?




With the commencement of Ganesh festival and every other occasion, group of boys come out on the streets roaming various houses asking for contribution of money for the decorations of Ganesh festival. But, what when such turns into violence?

In a bizzare incident, a gang of boys destroyed a Pune based shop after the owner refused to contribute money for the festival to the gang.

This incident took place in Durga Nagar, Nigdi on Sunday night. Situation turned violent between DSP Boys Group who came to demand contribution for Ganesh Utsav and the shopkeeper. This incident has created an atmosphere of fear and panic among the people.

According to the information, 7 to 8 unknown people came to demand a contribution for Ganesh pooja in the Mata Ji Super Market shop located at Durga Nagar area of Nigdi.

A dispute between the accused members of DSP Boys and the shopkeeper started when the shopkeeper denied to give contribution.

Soon later they started ransacking the shop. As a result of which, the shopkeeper faced a heavy loss due to the destruction of shop.

After the incident, when the shopkeeper went the Nigdi police station for help, the police did not provide any assistance to him.

A case has been registered against members of DSP Boys Group in regard to such case in Nigdi police station.

According to the shopkeeper, On Sunday night the gang came to his shop demanding a huge amount. On refusing to give it, the DSP Boy’s Group member ransacked the shop. And later threatened to burn his entire shop.

Nigdi Police is still probing into the case for further information. Strict action shall be taken against the accused such is being said by the police.

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