Chandrapur News : 72 kg plastic waste excreted from pregnant cow’s stomach; Cow dies


Chandrapur : A nine-month-old pregnant cow died after plastic waste got stuck in her stomach. During the examination, 72 kg of plastic waste was removed from her stomach.

Akbar Khan, a resident of Bapatnagar area, informed the members of Pyaar foundation that a cow was suffering from something. Members of the Pyaar Foundation arrived at the scene. The cow was in critical condition and was treated immediately. Surgery was performed. However, they could not save her. Meanwhile, during the investigation, 72 kg of plastic waste and nine months old dead calf were removed from her stomach. The incident brought tears to the eyes of the public, including members of the Pyaar Foundation. The members of the foundation have appealed to be careful and avoid the use of plastic and save the animals.

Despite the ban on plastics in the state, the ban has been lifted in the district, including in Chandrapur. The market, as well as everywhere else, plastics is being used. However, the question of environmental conservation has once again arisen.

“There is a ban on plastic. However, the ban is only on paper. This is causing huge damage to the environment. Animals and birds are suffering due to our mistake. It is the fault of citizens as well as the administration. The administration should impose strict restrictions on plastic use, otherwise there will be a hunger strike,” said Devendra Rapelli, President Pyaar Foundation, Chandrapur.

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