Businesswoman cheated of ₹2 crore by promising high returns on investment; FIR registered against Vikrant Patil and Santoshkumar Gaikwad

Pune : NpNews24 Online  – Pune Crime News | An incident has come to light wherein the director of a firm cheated a businessman of ₹2 crore by promising him high returns on the investment and fled to Dubai after closing his office. (Pune Crime News)


A woman resident of Shivne has registered a complaint (50/23) at the Deccan police station. Accordingly, the police have registered an FIR against Vikrant Ramesh Patil (25) and Santoshkumar Vishnu Gaikwad, both residents of Sangli district. The incident took place at an office on Prabhat Road from August 20 to 27, 2021.


According to the police, since the complainant’s wife had a flourishing business, Santoshkumar Gaikwad got acquainted with him. He told the complainant that he had a business of forex, trading and crypto currency and owned Best Point Impact General Trading company. He told the complainant that he had an office on Prabhat Road. He told the complainant that some people had got returns of five to six per cent per month and the complainant invested ₹1 crore through him. Later, on August 24, 2021, he gave him cash of ₹80 lakh. Santosh Gaikwad prepared an agreement of understanding. He told the complainant that a calculation would be made about his profits and money would be given at the rate of six per cent. He told the complainant to invest more money so that he would earn more money in March. Later, he went to Dubai. In March 2022, Gaikwad came to Pune.


Gaikwad calculated the returns and told the complainant that he would get approximately ₹50 lakh. He told the complainant to give ₹20 lakh so that his investment will become ₹2.5 crore. The complainant gave ₹20 lakh to Gaikwad at his office on Prabhat Road. Later, Gaikwad went to Dubai. The complainant’s husband called him many times but he gave evasive answers saying that he would give the money later. He shut his office on Prabhat Road. Gaikwad used to promise that he would give the money after he comes to Pune. When Gaikwad stopped taking calls, the complainant realised that she had been cheated and lodged a complaint with the police.


An FIR has been registered and ACP Narayan Shirgaonkar is investigating the case.



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