Permission for bullock cart races to be given at local level

Pune : NpNews24 OnlineBullock Cart Race | Bullock cart owners and organisers of races are upbeat due to the permission given by the Supreme Court for the races. Due to the season of village festivals, the number of applications seeking permission to conduct bullock cart races have increased.


Hence, to make things easier for the people, the district administration has now given the power to officers in the talukas to give permission for such races.


After the nod by the SC, bullock cart races are being held in every village and due to the village festivals, their numbers have increased. People organising such races in villages had to apply to the district collectorate in Pune to seek permission.


They were forced to make several visits to Pune. To make things easier for the people and save their time, the officers in the talukas have been given the right to permit these races.


Despite the SC permitting conduct of bullock cart races, several conditions have been laid down. A NOC has to be taken from tehsildar, police and PWD and this takes 8 to 10 days. Apart from this, the application for seeking permission has to be submitted to the collectorate in Pune.


It becomes difficult for people in small villages to complete the formalities. Since festivals are being held in the district on a large scale, the villagers had demanded that some of the conditions should be relaxed and permissions should be granted at the local level.


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