Born before 1987 or whose parents were born before 1987, are Indians: Govt 

New Delhi, npnews24 Online- A senior official of the Central Government, amidst a scandal over the citizenship amendment law, said that those who were born in India before July 1,1987 are law-abiding citizens of India. They do not have to fear this law.
According to the changes made in the citizenship law in 2004, those citizens of the rest of the state other than Assam will also be considered as Indian citizens whose parents are Indian and not illegal immigrants. This cleanliness has been given by the government in view of the law taking place across the country.

The official said that people born in India before July 1, 1987 or their parents born in the country before that year, will be considered as Indian citizens by law. In Assam’s case, the cut-off limit is 1971. He said that we appeal to the people that citizenship amendment law should not be compared to the NRC as the code of limitation is different for Assam.

According to the Citizenship Act 2004, those born in India on January 26, 1950 or later but on 1978 or later but before December 3, 2004 are actual citizens. If someone is born in India on or after December, 2004 and both parents are Indian then they will be Indian citizens.

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