Bitcoin falls to lowest level in last 20 days

NEW DELHI: The speed of cryptocurrency Bitcoin has slowed down which was on heights a few days before. The price of Bitcoin reached up to 60,000 dollars on February 8 after which the graph of bitcoin has come up to the lowest level as for now it has declined up to 3.7 per cent.

In this year the price of bitcoin had bounced up to 70 per cent. A week ago, the record went high up to $ 58,354.14 as people were confident about the increase in mainstream investment and the making of payment vehicles. A year ago, the price of one unit of bitcoin was 10,000 dollars.

Investment in Tesla increased the price of bitcoin as the electric car making company invested in the cryptocurrency bitcoin after which it went to heights. After tesla, many companies have been allowed to use bitcoin to use as a digital currency.

Tesla’s investment made a huge bounce in the cryptocurrency bitcoin after which many giant insurance companies like Mass-Mutual, Asset Manager Galaxy Digital Holding, Squire- a payment company of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey invested in the cryptocurrency bitcoin because the price of Bitcoin increased a lot in last few weeks.


In the last week, Tesla stated that the company is working according to its investment strategy and according to which they have purchased 1.5 billion dollar bitcoins. Also, the electric car company is making a plan to use Bitcoin for the purchase of its products. After this, a commercial bank, Blue Ridge Bank of Charlotte declared to provide access to bitcoin on its branches. this commercial bank will be the first bank to provide bitcoin access on its branches.

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